The following is an extract from France’s most popular astrolgy magazine, ‘Astres’.

Mikael comes from a renowned family of psychics and occultists. He was immersed in this environment from an early age often working and running errands for his grandmother, (well known Paris based clairvoyant Madame Pauline), who was consulted by many personalities, the most famous being the former French President, General Degaulle. His father Pierre Vincent often invited Mikael to join him as he travelled the four corners of the globe as one of the world’s most highly sought-after occultists.

Mikael recognised early in his infant years that he had a gift that enabled him to perceive, sense and predict accurately. But he was too young to realise quite the extent of the impact it would have on his life. Spiritualism has always played a central role in his family, and most of its members are disciples of famed spiritualist Allan Kardec.

As a child, Mikael was often present in his family’s clairvoyance studios, where he witnessed many very moving and sometimes intriguing scenes. One day, he over-heard a consultee thanking his father for some work she had entrusted him with. Her husband (who had previously abandoned her) had returned and begged for forgiveness. The husband had returned and confessed to his wife that he did not foresee the impact that his undignified behavior would have on everyone (including himself). He later concluded that a woman who had come close to him had abused his trust in order to coerce him into leaving the matrimonial home with the aim of setting up home with her instead.

Moreover, Monsieur Vincent informed the consultee that this woman was now in hospital, victim of a road accident (she had fallen asleep at the wheel). He then explained to her that repercussions often occur when people seek to use negative forces for their own superficial benefit especially when an occultist has been used to project these influences.

Another young consultee left a deep impression on Mikael, she was clearly despairing as she confided to his grandmother Madame Pauline that her fiancé had left her abruptly. The misery of this young woman had particularly moved young Mikael. When this consultant had left, he spoke to his grandmother of how seeing her in such dismay had troubled him. “Don’t worry about this lady” she said, “I’ll do what’s necessary. The next time you see her she’ll be radiant.” Although this lady continued to consult Madame Pauline regularly, Mikael did not see her again until 3 years later. But this time she was flourishing and accompanied by a beautiful little girl. Mikael pointed out this day as the day he received his ‘calling’ in life. He vowed that his life would be devoted to learning the occult sciences and using them to help as many people as possible.

Before establishing himself as a professional occultist in Paris and then in London, Mikael travelled extensively. Many of these trips allowed him to benefit from the teachings of unrivalled  leaders in the following fields: Tarot, white magic, voodoo, juju, love spells, psychometry, removal of negative influences or curses, black magic (because to fight these energies you must first have an in-depth knowledge of them) and of course astrology. Astrology is especially useful for positioning beneficial or negative events on a time-frame. This is highly suitable for evaluating a precise time range for obtaining results after invocations have been undertaken.

Mikael has acquired a high level of knowledge in a broad variety of occult sciences. In particular, he specialized in boosting businesses and the recovery of commercial enterprises. He also has a phenomenal track-record in reuniting couples, and particularly, blocking individuals who are interfering with harmonious relationships. It is by using and adapting the appropriate occult techniques that he has achieved the results upon which his reputation has been founded.

For Mikael, prevention is always better than cure. This is why thanks to divination methods such as palmistry, Tarot and scrying he is able to establish a precise state of affairs before beginning any occult procedures.

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