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About The Kardec Centre

Mikael is the most authentic psychic London has to offer and has been practising his work in London and Paris for over 30 years and heads our guild of over 25 spiritualists and clairvoyants. Our network is positioned around Europe and the Americas and has brought assistance and satisfaction to many, many people who needed it.

I can’t believe it, all day I’ve had a smile so big across my face, things have actually started
happening. All I could think of was you and your work. With your help I’ve changed everything,
I am so much happier with myself and my life, I like myself, the real me. Thank you so much.


I needed help fast and you delivered, thank you to your whole family, I only hope that one day I will be able to repay your kindness.


My circumstances have certainly improved since I last wrote to you. My husband has returned to me and seems truly regretful about his actions and treatment of myself and the children. I have gained amazing strength and confidence since I contacted you and this may well be down to your help. I thank you whole heartedly.


Thank you so much for your reading and the reassurance it has given me. You have really opened my eyes. I see how to move forward now. I wish I had seen your advertisement sooner!

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About Our Readings

We use a variety of methods to gain an accurate understanding of your circumstances including recognizing any unseen influences that may be interfering with your harmonious progression or that are obstructing you in any way. Exactly which techniques we use depend on the subject’s situation.