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About Mikael

Mikael Kardec is renowned for the creation and provision of astrological charts. With over 25 years experience supplying leading publications such as; Astres, Prediction, Horoscope, EMAP, IPC and many locally distributed newspapers and magazines.

Bespoke natal, solar, lunar, synastry, composition, transit or compatibility, charts are available for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or entire life cycles. Other options are offered for trends and identification of specifically auspicious or problematic timeframes. Character profiling is also available as well as the provision of scripts for televised productions.


Specialising in copywriting for astrology or holistic lifestyle websites, blogs, or apps.

  • Horoscopes (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Transit Articles – Lunar cycle, Mercury Retrograde, etc.
  • Zodiac Sign Compatibility + Relationship Astrology
  • Written Astrology Readings + Birth Chart Analysis
  • Customized content on other topics – tarot, spirituality, numerology, sexuality, psychology, mindfulness, crystal healing, etc.