Tarot Readings

Mikael has been practising Tarot Card Readings in London, Paris and around the world for over 30 years and heads our guild of over 25 divinatory and healing professionals.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot readings are one of the most widely used methods of divination. An experienced reader will be able to link to spirit very quickly through the symbolically rich cards. Readings using this method offer an in-depth insight into a situation as well as identifying trends and offering very specific answers and guidance in the face of problematic circumstances.

The cards are widely reported to have originated in northern Italy, but this contradicts the widespread Romany heritage that dictates the representations of the cards in fact originate from India, to Egypt and finally arrived in Europe via the port of Marseille, eventually emerging across France by way of individual occultists and then northern Italy where the cards were commercialised and widely distributed.

Circulation of the Cards

This vast circulation of the cards came much to the chagrin of the European churches and especially to the political establishment who tried their utmost to prohibit and discredit them by linking them to devil worship and witchcraft in addition to concocting the moniker ‘black magic’ to anything connected to them. All in order to ward would be converts away from the Tarot.

The cards are highly symbolic and are recognised as a formidable tool throughout the world of mysticism and far beyond. Tarot cards are also strongly linked to the Occult and are used as a link to spirit in a great number of spell workings. The simplistic, natural and practical link they provide to spirit makes them a preferred tool of many necromancers.

What They’re Saying

Thank you so much for my tarot reading, everything you said was exactly right! I found it all very helpful. You shone a light on areas that I have ignored for years and it is now so easy to restructure I have really adapted to a new way of approaching things. I feel like I am much stronger as an individual, well done! You have a real gift and it is easy to understand why you have been so successful. I would like to come and see you again in the future and will be recommending you to my friends and family. If you ever come to Devon please let me know in advance so that I can send some people your way!

Stephen BStoke Newington, London

Mikaël, your psychic tarot Reading was amazing, I was quite taken aback by many aspects of your reading. Also the kindness and patience you showed both me and my mother was very much appreciated. We are both very pleased to have come to see you and will definitely stay in touch.

M BiggsFulham, London

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