About Mikael

I have been practising in London, Paris and around the world for over 25 years and run my guild of more than 20 professionals in clairvoyance, divination and healing. My network is positioned across the UK, Europe and the Americas and has provided assistance to the many who have called upon my assistance.

Esoteric Healing & More

Understanding esoteric forces and energies is one thing, but optimizing these so that you can benefit in a tangible way is a completely different matter. This is where I can help you!

My gift has allowed me to bring clarity of mind, relief, comfort, peace and, above all, tangible results and solutions to the thousands of people who have called upon me. All practicing members of my family are trained in using ancient sacred methods before being encouraged to supplement their individual strengths with the methods that best suit them.

In this way, I have obtained unparalleled expertise in clairvoyance, astrology, tarot, spiritual healing, wicca and occult work. These virtues allow me to deliver insight and practical advice as well as provide a comprehensive holistic service that assimilates the control or elimination of unwanted influences and a variety of forms of spiritual protection. Our methods are not necessarily the most common, but have withstood the trials of time and have helped my family to distinguish itself as leaders in the field of prophetic divination.

Trusted Clairvoyants

I have successfully helped thousands of people find solutions, even to the most difficult problems, and we fully intend to help many more.

No less than seven generations of my family shared the common mission of using spiritual energies to establish and structure healing.

From Madame Pauline and Monsieur Pascal, who were both celebrated as renowned clairvoyants and disciples of Allan Kardec in their own rights, to the younger generations who continue to practice today.

I have worked successfully with all types of people, rich and poor, young and old. I have received testimonies from a head of state, members of the nobility, politicians, other major media, sportsmen and actors and actresses as well as many other lesser-known but nevertheless equally important and satisfied clients.

Each member of my family begins their esoteric training at a very young age, so that their inherent gift is developed  at the highest level. As a result of this process, I have been pleased to establish my name for helping people to successfully resolve their problems, sometimes even when the most serious cases are presented.

I use a variety of methods to gain an accurate understanding of your situation, including recognition of any unseen influences that may be interfering with your harmonious progression or be preventing you from flourishing.

The techniques I use depend exactly on the personal situation of my subject. Most often, I use astrology, vision, crystal work, dowsing and acute personal magnetism analysis.

Naturally everything is managed to align the healing algorithms required to remedy even the most complex situations. The sessions begin by channelling through to my subject and an assessment of their vibrational energy fields. This gives me an essential insight into the difficulties they face which is often where we find the true source of any conflict.

By referring to long established divination methods and intrinsic psychic intuition, I am able to accurately analyze past and present events. It has always been a family policy that readings should cover all aspects, good and bad, so as to never avoid or circumvent difficult issues. After your original analysis, I will examine the problems, sources of unhappiness and solutions to resolve problematic situations that can be causing a disturbed condition on any scale.

“I couldn’t see a solution until I visited your premises. Thank you.” (JP, Gujarat, India).

Clients often maintain contact with me over long periods of time and with some families, I have even worked for several generations. The vast majority of my clients have made several readings over the years. Many continue to contact me regularly or come back for help in the face of new challenges.