Case Studies

Case taken on by Mikael

T had been left by her partner and no matter what she said could not win him back, felt she had lost her connection with him. She spoke of him being in a trance-like state and acting in a very distant manner her when she tried to communicate with him. T had a phone reading in which it was identified that a third party was involved in the split and that her partner had been the victim of spiritual coercion. 

Our work started straightaway. A clearing procedure was worked on him, so that he could free himself from the grip he was ‘under’ and could make his own decisions based on how he felt, without being manipulated. Next, we prepared some healing to assist with re-generating her own magnetism as she had become drained following the recent traumas she had been through.

Within three weeks, I received the following letter:

“ I want to thank you for all the help and support you’ve given me, I would have been lost without you, I’ll never forget it. I would also like to thank all your team for their help.”

Case taken on by Mikael

T came to us in a very anxious state, she told me of various problems that were causing her a great deal of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. As a result she had become despondent and this led to a variety of further problems and poor decision making. She was unhappy with her career, her love-life and her relationship with her parents. It seemed like the misery was spreading to all areas.

During my analysis of her situation I was able to identify the source of her problems, which went back a long way. By pinpointing the problem at source she began to understand the reasons for her reactions and immediately we made progress. We began work on her personal energy fields as her life-force had gradually eroded away and urgently needed to be replenished. Her Chakras had become imbalanced by the tension of harbouring so much negativity for so long.

Here is a letter from her, six weeks after our initial consultation:

“ I’m really not sure exactly what is involved but it certainly seems to be working! I am feeling very happy, I have lost 11lbs in weight and am keen to keep going! I have noticed people being far more receptive to me and I would certainly say my life-force has returned.”

Case taken on by Pierre

When I met B everything had gone wrong, she was in a total crisis. Her relationship with her partner had completely broken down. He had left her and she was devastated.

She had tried everything she could but could not change the course of things. She was also stuck in a house she had felt uncomfortable in for years but could not sell. I began working with B towards achieving all of her objectives.

Three weeks later, the following letter was received:

“ I am moving house, my husband is coming back (he was very remorseful) and I now feel more in control of my life, your support has been invaluable.”

Case taken on by Julie

R wrote to me regarding serious legal problems. Someone in his company was responsible for thousands of pounds going missing and he was being accused of fraud. His solicitor had told him that a custodial sentence was likely if he was found guilty and that despite his claims of innocence, much of the circumstantial evidence pointed to him.

After meeting R in person and realising that a huge injustice seemed a high probability, I began work on his case. The hearing eventually came to court just under a year later.

Here is an extract from a letter I received from him shortly afterwards:

“ Following our brief conversation on the phone I will now get round to properly thanking you. The result was magnificent!”