Psychic Healing

Mikael has been practising his Psychic Healing in London, Paris and around the world for over 30 years and heads our guild of over 25 divinatory and healing professionals.

Psychic Healing

Through most historic transcendent scriptures, the consensus is that all beings are born with the natural capacity to attain a state of perfect spiritual equilibrium. This process can be augmented through psychic healing. The healer acts as a vessel, harnessing healing energies and channelling them in in a way which enhances the restorative treatment.

Healing can provide a solution for stress, injury or any kind of disturbed condition either as a complementary therapy or on its own. Psychic healing is not dependent on any specific religious belief and is not impacted upon by race, caste, class, political alignment, religious allegiance or gender.

Revitalising Process

Some types of psychic healing can require participation and commitment. Consult your healer if you have any questions prior to commencing. The practitioner will seek to work with the subject in order to restore a healthy and balanced state with the purpose of attracting abundance.

What They’re Saying

For healing you have done on my husband. Started working he has calmed down completely, he has cut down on his drinking dramatically and has even apologise to me for his previous behaviour. I feel like I have rediscovered the man I fell in love with I will definitely be continuing.

Jayne HSt Johns Wood, North London

Mikaƫl, you are without doubt the most gifted healer I have ever had the good fortune to meet. The help you have given me has been a driving force. I will forever be in your debt!

J FraserEast London

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