Chakra Healing

Mikael has been practising his chakra healing in London, Paris and around the world for over 30 years and heads our guild of over 25 divinatory and healing professionals.

Chakra Healing

Every single entity and element in our universe radiates energy, from the tiniest plant or insect to the largest mammal or reptile, so this of course includes human beings. Our physical cells emit an energy known as magnetism, often in differing ways depending on the part of the body or ‘channel’ from which the energy is being emitted. Understanding this energy and how to keep it flowing harmoniously in order to give us a balanced aura is central to any esoteric practitioner’s ability to serve his patrons.

These channels became known under the Vedic system as ‘Chakras’ although they have equally been recognised under a number of alternative metaphysical and spiritual systems.

The chakras are located at the vital energy centres of the body and energy flows through them in a continuous ‘stream’.

Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

The literal meaning of the word chakra means “wheel” in the ancient language of Sanskrit, although it is debatable whether this term is truly fully appropriate. Magnetism flows and ‘spins’ out in a clockwise direction as it surges with the energy of our body out into what effectively becomes our personal energy field, and it spins inwardly in an anti-clockwise direction to draw in energy from the exterior world into our beings. The condition of our chakras is vital for physical, spiritual and emotional health and it also has a significant impact on the people we come into contact with and the world that surrounds us.

Understanding these intricate forces and how to optimise them can enable a person to harness an opportunity rather than let it pass by which in turn can often be the difference between success and failure.

What They’re Saying

A Reiki Master had mentioned to me years earlier that my chakras were not in alignment.

The problems this caused me were identical to the ones identified by you in my reading. I am very impressed with your professionalism, nothing was held back, you didn’t sugar coat anything and I could tell straight away by the points you touched on that you were able to tune in to my energy fields. You were very thorough and explained everything in a way that I could relate to and found easy to understand.

The Chakra healing work has helped me to feel like my old self again so thank you. As a result the treatment you gave me I felt like a weight had been taken off my back. The treatment has had an amazing effect. My head is much clearer now (thank god) and I feel better in so many ways.

I had been told previously that I that my Chakras were blocked and problematic but didn’t act upon it. I’m so glad this has finally been corrected.

Eve CPutney, London

My second week since we started the healing work on my Chakras and I am really feeling the benefits. I’ve been sleeping so well, very deeply and waking up feeling totally refreshed, thank you. The exercises you gave me also helped and I will be using them going forward.

I would highly recommend your Chakra healing. What you have done for me has clearly worked very well.

Pauline SMill Hill, North London

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