Esoteric Healing

Mikael has been practising his esoteric healing in London, Paris and around the world for over 30 years and heads our guild of over 25 divinatory and healing professionals.

Esoteric Healing

Esoteric healing is a widely recognised type of universal life-energy treatment, often practised in its ‘modern’ form after it became popularised in the 1950’s. It refers principally to ‘healing within’ and using universal energies in a similar fashion to Reiki, its often-relatable Japanese counterpart. It can be instituted absently/remotely or through a number of vessels. This form of healing focusses on nurturing and embellishing the subjects spiritual ‘roots’ before cultivating expansive progress once solid foundations are in place.

Revitalising Process

Esoteric healing can be used as a foundation level, ongoing revitalising process, or more aggressively to attract abundance and growth in a number of areas such as love, commercial or professional relationships.  The aim will often be (at least initially) to remedy any disturbed condition of a subject’s personal energy field.

Any disruption in energy flow surrounding a person’s being will require a balancing process to restore his or her aura. An agitated condition can occur as a result of a number of negative prior variants or currently active disruptive influences.

What They’re Saying

The developments since we started working together with the esoteric healing have been outstanding. I thank you with all my heart, I just wish I’d made contact with you earlier. My life would have been a lot less stressful and a lot more productive!

Zachary RTottenham, London

The Esoteric healing was once again very much appreciated. I have become a magnet for success! I am now looking forward to my future and my anxiety with regard to the situation I initially came to see you about is now very much under control.

Jack GCamden, London

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